Following are our Policies and Rates

QuickyCoin.com does not offer bitcoin for sale, and is only offering bitcoin payment processing.

Exchange Rates

Fiat Currency Bitcoin (BTC) Litecoin (LTC) Peercoin (PPC)
US Dollar (USD) $268.95 $3.41 $0.41
Euro (EUR) €236.21 €3.00 €0.36
Japanese Yen (JPY) ¥32,189.42 ¥408.54 ¥49.11
British Pound (GBP) £176.40 £2.24 £0.27
Swiss Franc (CHF) ₣258.14 ₣3.28 ₣0.39
Canadian Dollar (CAD) $351.27 $4.46 $0.54
Australian Dollar (AUD) $368.30 $4.67 $0.56
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) $2,084.35 $26.45 $3.18
Botswana Pula (BWP) P2,771.48 P35.17 P4.23

The price for your coin is determined at the time your payment posts to our account which usually is within 24 hours of when you make the payment but sometimes up to one business day.

Fee Schedule

All fiat to crypto transactions have a 10% transaction fee. Very simple and straightforward. We reserve the right to change this at anytime including in situations of abuse.

Specials and Promotions

Free Fee Days From time to time we will have no fee purchases for our loyal and valued clients.

Terms of Service

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Peercoin will be paid out upon availability, beginning in the order received by the system.

We reserve the right to cancel a transaction at any time for any reason due to extreme governmental regulation. This is why it is necessary to have your contact information accurately inputted in your account and on all purchase paperwork and emails.

In the event of a shortage of coins, the customer will receive the coins when they are received by QuickyCoin.com.

All orders left unclaimed at the end of the business day will be held and we will await customer feedback.

Orders not claimed after 96 hours will be moved into cold storage and will await customer feedback.

QuickyCoin.com reserves the right to lock in the bitcoin price at the time the funds are received into one of our corporate bank accounts.

Fraud policies

QuickyCoin.com reserves the right to withhold payment in cases of fraud to research and report the matter to the proper authorities.

Suspicious Activity

We reserve the right to hold funds in their current form until a suspicious activity report has been filed or until released by law enforcement, whichever time period is greater. Please see our KYC / AML policy under the about section for more information.


We reserve the right to cancel any transaction at any time prior to the release of bitcoins. Funds associated with that transaction will be returned to the sender pursuant to QuickyCoin.com policies.

Changes to Terms

QuickyCoin.com reserves the right change our terms and policies at anytime.